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Simon Preston

Simon’s life in food started with a degree in Hospitality Management from Manchester University and continued with a general management career spanning avant-garde arts venue catering to Michelin-starred restaurants and including a decade with Harvey Nichols. There he was responsible for launching and establishing restaurants and food markets in Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin.


Since becoming self-employed in 2006, Simon has completed a raft of successful food consultancies and developed a profile as the UK’s leading innovator in food events, festivals and experiences. He has created and directed renowned festivals and events in Newcastle, Darlington, Redcar, Liverpool, Preston, Stirling and Edinburgh, where he lives.


In 2013, Simon developed one of his concepts into a 5-part radio programme called The Town is the Menu for BBC Radio 4, which Simon also presented. Simon is a contributor to Radio 4’s The Food Programme and a presenter of food programming on BBC Radio Scotland.


[Link for The Town is the Menu]


Eating and drinking for a living and for a hobby is a pleasure, but has its drawbacks - so Simon eschew’s four wheels and keeps in shape by cycling long and short distances, swimming daily and chasing after his relentlessly energetic 4-year old.

Simon Preston

PR & Marketing

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