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Our international reach and experience enables us to work hand in hand with your business in developing and executing a plan for international expansion, either inbound to the UK or from the UK to new markets.

Franchising or Licensing can be a very attractive and successful route to growing your brand at home and on the international stage, but is your business really ready to embark on this journey? We can help you define your brand, operating standards, and growth strategy.

  • Expansion into/from the UK Market

  • Brand and Concept Adaptation

  • Location Advice and Property Search

  • Licensing and Legislative Compliance

  • Operations Review, Assessment and Aud

  • New Markets Feasibility Study

  • Financial Modelling and Budgeting

  • New Site Development to Launch

  • Training Manuals and SoP’s

  • Operational and Financial Auditing

  • Creation of Brand Operating Manual

  • Partner/Franchise

  •  Sourcing


Monocle Cafe

Taking a magazine 'concept cafe' to an international audience started by going back to basics.

Monocle Cafe London

Obica Mozzarella Bar

This successful Italian Mozzarella Bar had big ambitions to enter the UK market .

Obica Mozzarella Bar

China Tang

Under new ownership, this internationally renowned Cantonese restaurant is looking to expand internationally.

China Tang Fan
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