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CLIENT: The flagship mall in Bangkok for the Central Group.


BRIEF: to work with the Central Group senior management team to reinvent the existing food space and create a world-class grocery and food hall.


STRATEGY: To create a connectivity between food retail and food service that lends authenticity and continuity to the offer as a whole at the same time as promoting local and international brands and products.

Improved layout and offer mix to deliver an enhanced customer experience through better engagement, wider choice and improved quality across both food service and food retail.

The key feature of the development was the introduction of the ‘New Dining Experience’ – a 4,000m² casual dining area serviced by four food bars; The Grill, Tapas, Ocean and Deli Bar. There is also the opportunity to but items in the food hall and have them prepared by the chefs.


RESULTS: Central Food Hall and the New Dining Experience are hugely successful, and have won popularity with both local Bangkok residents and tourists for the wide array of high quality dining and shopping on offer.

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