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CLIENT: Fenwick Group


BRIEF: Fenwick’s original department store in Newcastle upon Tyne had operated  a hugely successful food hall since the turn of the last century, however in the  last ten years it was overshadowed by the influx of alternative, quality food  retailers into the city and a substantial lack of internal investment. The consultancy were  engaged to design and create a brand new offer comprising retail and  restaurants over approximately 1200m² of ground floor.


STRATEGY: We conducted a series of Focus Groups with local shoppers and  opion formers alongside an online survey of over 12,000 Fenwick customers.  The survey produced an unprecedented level of response, and there was clearly  a huge emotional attachment and sense of loyalty to the store and its heritage.  Drawing on the heritage theme, and needing to differentiate from Waitrose and  M&S, we created a layout with fresh, traditionally presented produce at its core  surrounded by mid and premium brands. The retail proposition was strongly  anchored by two brand new, own bought restaurant operations and a branded  Asian concession restaurant.


RESULTS: The new Fenwick Foodhall launched to national acclaim and  exceeded all perfomance expectations in terms of footfall, turnover and  profitability. It continues to be a must-visit destination in Northern England and  rivals anything the UK’s other major cities offer.

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