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CLIENT: Nestlé Group


BRIEF: We were invited to tender for the development and launch of the  Nespresso Café concept, working alongside the company’s Retail Innovation  Manager – Antoine Cornet. The brief was to advise on the detailed F&B offer, style  and brand philosophy for this new business and assist the concept roll out into  new territories.


STRATEGY: Our approach started with two crucial elements; firstly a review of  whether the outline concept was commercially viable and grounded, and secondly  a thorough interrogation of the proposed design and layout for the operation.  Working with the architects and technical teams , we evolved the concept into a  fully working design capable of handling the volume and service quality required.  The next stage involved working directly with the café management team to  review recruitment, training and deployment strategy.

The consultancy proposed a third party solution for the food offer and worked with premier,  global catering providers Do &Co to develop an offer that could be locally  produced in multiple locations and delivered fresh on a daily basis. This  relationship has now resulted in a join venture partnership with Nespresso for the  roll out.


RESULTS: The first Nespresso Café (pilot site) opened in Mariahilfstrasse, Vienna in March  2015 with two further sites now trading in London.

Nespresso Cafe
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