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Monocle Case Study


CLIENT: Silvio Ursini


BRIEF: We were approached by the founder Silvio Ursini to locate, develop  and manage additional sites in international locations for his Obika  Mozzarella Bar concept that he opened in Rome in 2004. The first target  was London with other cities to follow.


STRATEGY: Firstly to gain a clear understanding of the concept and  understand the product, how it was made and how to get the Mozzarella  to London so that it was a fresh as that served in Italy. The next step was  to find the right location, manage the development and oversee the  installation, set up suppliers and hire the management and team to run  the outlet.


RESULTS: Obika Mozzarella Bar opened in Selfridges Department store Oxford Street, London under a concession agreement and traded successfully from  the start. The next opening was in La Rinascente in Milan which to this day  is the most successful site that they have in the group. Today Obica Mozzarella Bar (the name was updated to suit the new font and logo) trades  in Italy, England, The United States and UAE with  17 sites  currently open.

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Obica Case Study
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