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CLIENT: RGI International

BRIEF: To create the total food and beverage offer, including food retail,  restaurants, bars, cafés and a night club, for this iconic new department  store in Moscow, from shell and core right the way through to opening.  To bring together a team of specialists in kitchen design and equipment,  lighting, EPoS, security, sound systems and all the other facets to create  the total offer.

STRATEGY: Firstly to gain a clear understanding of the Moscow market  in terms of food retail, restaurants, bars, cafés and night clubs. The  consultancy then worked with its chosen architects and designers to  develop a food market, café, two restaurants and a club across three  floors of the store. We assisted in the overall design concept, oversaw the  total construction, brought in the selected operators and recruited the  management team which were then managed through the opening for  18 months of the initial trading period.

RESULTS: Tsvetnoy has won numerous international awards and  continues to trade very successfully. F&B turnover exceeded US$25  million in the first year of trading and is a major contributing  department to the success of the concept.

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